Prices for Hotels:

The basic rate for displaying hotel attractions:
$ 1 * / month / room


Register a hotel, create a profile and inspire guests with hotel attractions and benefits


Prices for partners:

The basic rate for displaying attractions
$ 0,15 / month / room


Register, describe your offer and promote in selected hotels




Benefits for hotel guests:

1. Complete update of attractions inside hotel and external ones in one place – available in one place on the phone – which – according to our statistics – guests check many times during the day (like checking social media)
2. Info about current promotions and last minut offers – convenient offers where the guest can save by getting promotional price
3. Thanks to the app guests receives simple tool to communicate with hotel management directly in charge for specific areas – as well as reception – and at the same time with external tour operators – independently of the place of its stay
4. Easy offers communication about special offers by PUSH (this option can be switched off by guest)
5. Possibility of planning and scheduling presence in future events (great travel time management) by checking attractions and events program
6. App is not using personal data – no need to register/log in – no need for any personal data management.



Advantages from HOTEL point of view:

1. Internal hotel revenue increment – (so called upselling – restaurants, wellness, spa, shisha, gifts, souvenirs, loyalty programs, events for kids, sport events etc)
2. Hotel become more attracitve by facilitating promotions of touristic attraction from its surrounding – and it is up to hotel management which attractions should be promoted – and generates its revenue from recommendation
3. Possibility of reaching guests by promotions last minute PUSH (example – spa team has no reservation so it is better to announce 50% discount rather than keep them not working – so guest is happy to get cheap service – and hotel has no generating lost by unproductive team – OR – the milk stock is about to expire – so it is better to announce offer 50% discount on milk shake or whatever – and sell it rather than throw it and waste – so guest are happy and hotel is not wasting anything)
4. Possibility of arranging event in one place and inform guests from different hotels
5. Hotel referrals – one chain can promote its different services/promotions from different locations
6. It can serve as channel for loyalty program
7. Application allows focusing on VIP/selected guests and providing them targeted/custimised offer – example conference guests
8. Application allows easy contact with attraction organisers was well as with reception
9. Application allows to inform guest about crisis or emergency -ex fire
10. Application allows to promote free of charge attractions – like landmarks, panoramas, historical sites, mass events
11. Application reduces work of reception/concierge and allows work them more efficient on other tasks as well as generate income where before they were just having costs (like maintaining concierge etc)
12. Application allows promotion of different offers from hotel neighbourhood – on your case as magazine editor – this is another channel for the promotions of your advertisers
13. Application can have function of hotel menu promotion/information, restaurant offer, terms of use etc.



Advantages for external tour operators and organizers of tourist attractions:

1. Possibility of easy reach to hotel guests and promotions of its services
2. Possibility of demand management – example – tickets for certain attraction are over – so we can close the offer or modify it
3. Possibility of adding last minut promotion and reaching guests quickly
4. Possibility of receiving bookings.



Advantages for everybody:

1. Sustainability – savings on marketing materials, printing etc
2. Lack of logistic costs – no distribution need
3. Eco Marketing – positive PR for those who use application as its being seen as modern and innovative initiative.



Application allows attractions sharing on social media, separate VIP target groups creation – as well as to plan selling via application.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us kontakt

(*all Price in accordance with the Service Regulations are net prices and are rounded up to $ 0.01)